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May 31, 2023

Jeff and Krissy recap one of the best season finale's in POWER History. Tap in with us as we disucss the culmination of an action packed season, cliffhangers, what if's and what now's.


Tariq is forced to join forces with those who betrayed him in order to prevent the worst possible outcome for everyone. Monet elevates her position within the business, reaffirming her power over the Tejada children.


0:00 - INTRO

4:39 - Tariq's search for Tommy

15:00 - Monet's takeover

21:00 - Tommy schools Tariq on the game

31:00 - The Consequences of Tariq's Bad Decisions

45:00 - Effie fighting for her life

55:00 - Lauren Takes Control

01:06:00 - Drew and Diana's Master Plan

01:20:00 - Tariq's Training Day Moment

01:33:00 - Cliffhangers

01:43:00 -  Power's Fantastic Fits & Season 4 Theories

01:53:00 -  Final Thoughts on Season 3

01:59:00  - PAY THE WRITERS


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