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Oct 4, 2022

A botched agreement with Marvin and an associate threatens everything. Burke gains traction in her investigation and Raq searches for a new house.

0:00 - Intro

3:30 - “No one likes Internal Affairs”

11:15 RIP “Symphony is a Fed” theories

18:50 - A series of unfortunate deaths

25:30 - Unique’s Power Moves


Sep 23, 2022

Raq assures everyone they need to follow orders and keep working as planned. Kanan takes on more responsibility, but things go awry when he runs into neighborhood kids, and Lou feels the pressure in his partnership with Crown.

0:00 - Intro 3:00 - Unique’s Master Plan With The Italians 12:00 - Lou Reaches His Breaking...

Sep 23, 2022

Raq focuses on mother-son bonding with Kanan in the Catskills, but they're interrupted when business follows them. Crown disrespects Lou, bringing their simmering beef to a boil. Burke digs into Howard's personal life.

0:00 - Intro 8:30 - Marvin faces his mistakes 20:00 - Detective Burke won’t let it go 24:00 - Juke...

Sep 23, 2022

Kanan and Jukebox search for answers in family matters. Raq’s push into new territory is stalled. Burke questions Unique about Howard’s shooting. 0:00 - INTRO 4:30 - Raq gotta pay that Mafia Jersey Tax 15:00 - Lou’s broke mogul dreams 17:00 - Raq’s Love and Business Multitasking Failure 26:00 -Sticky Fingers...

Aug 30, 2022

A surprise encounter with Howard leaves Kanan rattled. Raq tries to expand into new territory, but a complication reunites her with an old adversary.

0:00 - INTRO

1:30 - Raq caught slippin

4:00 - Marvin the voice of reason?

12:30 - Unique Power Moves

21:00 - Lou’s Super Producer Dreams

27:00 - Kanan’s Famous...