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Mar 29, 2022

TOMMYCARE will bring affordable Dahlia to the hood. Jeff and Krissy let you know why. THIS IS FORCE!

3:00 - DAHLIA Hot in the streets

13:30 - The Ghosts chasing Tommy

21:00 - JP wants in the game

26:20 - Liliana chaperones The Chemist

32:00 - D-Mac and Marshall’s Cousin Connect 

38:00 - D-Mac saves his uncle

40:00 -...

Mar 15, 2022

Tommy and Claud build out Dahlia, CBI and Flynn part ways with Tommy, and everyone has a body to deal with. This is FORCE! Tap in as Krissy and Jeff break down the latest episode on POWER AFTER HOURS


0:00 - Intro

03:00 - CBI and Flynn Funeral Scenes

7:30 - Tommy and Claud’s Biz Deal

21:00 - FBI runs up on the Flynn...

Mar 8, 2022

Tommy got more enemies than the Tinder Swindler... and he's gonna need Vic and Diamond to settle the score. Cedric Shine taps in with us to recap ep 5 of FORCE!


0:00 - INTRO

4:00 - JP’s story… what’s his angle?

7:00 - Claud’s Dahlia Power Play

16:00 - The Serbs want Tommy DEAD

26:00 - Vic and Gloria’s...

Mar 1, 2022

The serbs are back, Tommy and Vic team up for more drama, and The Flynn family are out for themselves. NUFF SAID! Tap in with the squad!