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Aug 30, 2022

A surprise encounter with Howard leaves Kanan rattled. Raq tries to expand into new territory, but a complication reunites her with an old adversary.

0:00 - INTRO

1:30 - Raq caught slippin

4:00 - Marvin the voice of reason?

12:30 - Unique Power Moves

21:00 - Lou’s Super Producer Dreams

27:00 - Kanan’s Famous...

Aug 23, 2022

Raq learns she may have a snitch and tasks Marvin to confirm the rumor. Lou brings in a potential new artist, but he and Crown don’t see eye to eye.

0:00 - INTRO

3:00 - Howard Wants His Son

11:00 - Raq lying to Kanan still

15:30 - Juke trying to find her mom

22:00 - Scrap’s a snitch?

32:00 - Unique cut off from the...

Aug 16, 2022

Kanan returns to Queens where Raq is trying to mend the many fractures in the Thomas family. As Raq expands her empire, Kanan doubts his future in the drug game. Meanwhile, Detective Howard is released from the hospital.


0:00 - INTRO

6:00 - Initial thoughts on the show 

9:00 - Detective Howard got them Wolverine...