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Sep 28, 2016

Jeff and Krissy wrap up season 3 in style! We discuss the former Ghost (he's James now for life) and his fall from grace, how Tommy became the best character on the show, Knox failing like a classic supervillain, Tariq pledging Kanan Phi Kanan, Angela's scorn levels on a million, who wins the "Holly" for character you...

Sep 19, 2016

We review the penultimate episode to season 3 of Power! Everyone gotta die! Major moves, all of Ghost's relationship crumble, and a major death have us on the edge of our seat waiting feverishly for next week's episode! We got a LOT to say. Join us!

Sep 7, 2016

We don't trust no one anymore. Tommy and Ghost got a million secrets. Greg has reached Saint level of Pettiness. Angela using her assets to the fullest. Kanan and Tariq together? What is going on in the world?! We discuss this and how Milan is the evolved Tommy on this episode of Power After Hours!

Aug 30, 2016

This week two major events go down: The investigation into the USDA leak, and Milan humbling Ghost and in the process becoming the biggest villain on Power. We discuss Tommy having nothing to lose, Tasha ride-or-die attitude, Tariq and child discipline and some theories too!

Aug 24, 2016

We come down from the explosive results of last week, we get Tommy and Ghost teaming up to attempt to kill Lobos! Joined by special guest Taj, we discuss Greg Knox and the power of his petty, Tasha dealing with everything, Lobos and his final (?) stand, Ghost and Angela's fall out, Tommy saying the n-word, and whether...