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Aug 28, 2018

Bruh... Did they just did that?! [SPOILERS BELOW!!!]

This week I'm joined by DJ Ben Ha Meen (@DJBenhameen) as we talk about one of the most shocking episodes of POWER ever! Kanan Stark is I can't even believe I typed that. We discuss the fallout from the death of Ghost and Tommy's frenemy, his place among all Pop Culture Starks, his top moments, and more.

We also ask the tough questions, like:

"How bad of a mom manipulator is Tasha for sending her son on a suicide mission with a literal Man on Fire?"

"When will Ghost be genuine about anything in life?"

"How is Tariq still alive? And which side did he truly choose?"

"How did Dre go from corner boy to corporate drug boss in less than a year?"

"Does WITSEC send you to Broadway?"

Plus YOUR questions and commentary on POWER TALK!