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Aug 9, 2017

This episode brings key details that the fans have known all season to light. Jeff and Krissy discuss it's impact all over Power Episode 407. Topics include:

50 Cent lashing out at Starz for an apparent lack of support and whether Starz is at fault for the rushed nature of some episodes.

The Tasha/Silver relationship: Are we here for it?

We get to the root cause for Tariq's problems and the lost innocence of the St. Patrick kids.

Tommy's anticlimactic father reveal and his impending war with the Toros Locos/Jiminez

Dre doing his best Little Finger impersonation

Sandoval, the DA's and the race to find the Truth.

We also discuss the "Where are the condoms" debate currently engaging on social media related to Power, Insecure and other shows that have sex scenes sans protection, and we close on a warning about leaked episodes and spoilers.